Saturday, 31 August 2013

I think I just found my new favourite record store

So I was just scrolling around the centre of my new home town and I accidentally found this record store. It's called Moby Disc and it was wonderful. They had a great selection of pop/rock vinyls (yeah, I no longer even check the CD sections anymore) both new and used. And they had usable turntables and some tables and chairs for just hanging out and everything. Oh I feel so much more at home now, I think it's essential for people with interests such as mine to find a lovely record store in order to settle properly in a new place.

Did I find anything, you ask? Of course I did. The first album cover that I saw in the store was that of Anouk's Sad Singalong Stories. Nearly bought Arcade Fire's The Suburbs as well, maybe I'll buy it another time. Remember when I wrote about the Anouk album? Well, when I was buying the LP the guy at the counter said to me: "Oh, that's a really good album". Indeed it is, I gave it five stars.


If you still haven't listened to it yet, let this song convince you to do that like, right away.

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