Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Rule number 1 is that you gotta have fun

Skins actress and one-time star in an Emeli Sandé music video (and thus an obviously music-related person) Laya Lewis once tweeted that everyone should listen to at least one Spice Girls song a day.

And who am I to judge. So you might as well fill your daily quota with "Who Do You Think You Are", an uptempo disco track off their debut album Spice. Them haters be hatin', but this is a proper '90s pop tune so deal with it. It's also a classic Spice Girls tune with a groovy beat, catchy melodies and Mel C stealing the show with her solo bits 'cause come on, the backflipping songstress' vocals always stand out the most. No wonder she went on to have the most successful solo career out of the five. She was always my favourite Spice Girls as well. I mean, let's face it: she's one BAMF. The fact that she also reminded my of my sister had probably nothing to do with it.

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