Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lana Del Rey disses Gaga in new song

Have you heard this track already? It's apparently a leaked demo (it feels like Lana keeps giving us new demos every other week) that appeared in the internet around two weeks ago. Lyrics such as "Stefani you suck / I know you're selling 20 million / Wish they could've seen you / When we booed you off in Williamsburg" indicate that Lana herself might not be the biggest fan of the mother monster.

As a matter of fact, another demo did surface just today! With already such a ridiculous amount of demos out you'd imagine she'd have quite enough material for a next album. Oh well.

Speaking of Gaga, she too has a demo out. The song is going to be called Burqa, or Aura, or something like that. It also namedrops the overly ambitious album title "Artpop". It's rather ludicrous and incoherent. It's like she had five versions of the song, then couldn't pick one and eventually incorporated them all. The same goes for the lyrics. And it's quite lacking in the melody section as well. But you know, judge for yourself:

[Edit: It seems that the latter two tracks have been taken down. Oh well, that's internet for ya.]

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