Friday, 28 November 2014

Congratulations Finland!

Boy, have I got news for you! I'm proud to tell that Finland has, as the last of the Nordics, finally approved same-sex marriage! History has truly just been made and another step towards equality taken. The vote was a close one (105 to 92) and represents the first citizens' initiative to receive the Parliament's approval since 2012 when the system was implemented. This is without doubt a triumph for equality in Finland and allows the otherwise highly egalitarian country to catch up with its fellow Nordics, all of which have already recognised same-sex marriage.

Earlier this morning, a giant rainbow flag was projected at the parliament building as a statement by three radio presenters to mark the significant vote:

The same-sex marriage, promoted by the Tahdon2013 ("I do 2013") campaign, had previously achieved a huge movement throughout the country (a citizens' initiative requires at least 50,000 signatures in order to make it through to the Parliament; this one gathered more than triple the amount of that) so big celebrations can be expected. And in order to commemorate this historical event, the Song of the Week is the LGBT-themed anthem "Girls" by Swedish indie-pop singer Beatrice Eli. Enjoy!

Phew, this truly is an important day for an equal Finland. This might even call for a drink or two. Have a good and an egalitarian weekend, y'all!

(Images by and Ilta-Sanomat)

Monday, 10 November 2014

Marina and the Diamonds share new album tracklist

BOOM! Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds, has shared the tracklist to her forthcoming 3rd studio album Froot. Not much is really revealed (except for the fact that, like on her previous LPs, there seems to be no collaborations) but it's a nice teaser anyway! She seems to be really into one-word song titles at the moment by the look of it. The tracklist is as follows:

"I'm A Ruin"
"Can't Pin Me Down"
"Better Than That"

Or if you prefer the information in a more visually appealing form, here's the pic Marina shared on Facebook:

It would appear that the whole album is inspired by the same retro-esque rainbow-coloured disco delirium as the visuals for the lyric video of "Froot", the title track. (Whether this is the back cover for the album or not was not confirmed.) I don't think a release date has been announced either. Well, at least we've got the amazing "Froot" - previously featured as the Song of the Week - to ease our wait!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Popheaval's back!

Hello again, guys!

As you might've or might've not noticed, the blog's been on a bit of a hiatus ever since I moved back to Finland. My motivation had gone missing for a while but after some creative recharging, I'm back again and it's been great to see that the blog's had a lot of readers even though I've been absent myself. A lot has happened meanwhile. Nicki Minaj has dominated the internet with her huge hit single "Anaconda" which immediately garnered a memetic status due to its single artwork...

...its raunchy video...

...and its Sir Mix-A-Lot sample:

Personally I think that the Anaconda memes are the best thing to come out of the song. Although the fact that I actually have a friend named Michael who, if I'm not mistaken, used to ride motorcycles always make me smile. Don't know about that tower part, though.

Elsewhere, Nicki Minaj (and Ariana Grande) collaborator Jessie J has tried to inch towards making their hit song "Bang Bang" her own solo effort by first ditching Nicki's...

...and then Ariana's vocals from the track. But nobody gave a shit, and rightfully so. Didn't she hear what Nicki said: "It's me, Jessie and Ari / If they test me they sorry". Tsk tsk.

What else. Katy Perry's rumoured to be roaring at the next year's Super Bowl Halftime Show, and Madonna's forthcoming album still remains a mystery. One thing seems to be sure, though: while there's a list of artists who are rumoured/confirmed to be collaborating with Her Madgesty, hipster musician Ariel Pink is certainly not one of them - not anymore, at least. After criticising Madonna's musical output since her debut album (even dissing her iconic masterpiece Ray of Light!!) Madonna's manager responded with the following:

Bitch please, Ray of Light is everything! (Here's a review of it, by the way.)

In other news, there's a also some really interesting new songs out there by some of the many artists previously featured in the blog. The British electronica duo AlunaGeorge, for instance, have released a new track called "Supernatural", presumably the lead single of the follow-up to the duo's 2013 LP Body Music. It's a fresh-sounding, retro-esqe house track that plays in the vein of their distinctive deep house sound with some new elements added into the mix. Unfortunately, it's only a 1-and-a-half minute teaser but gives a promising sampler of their future music nonetheless:

Another new lead single is "Froot" by Marina And The Diamonds. The disco-influenced anthem is super catchy and, thank goodness, its accessibility doesn't come at the cost of being almost aggressively ironic, which was a problem with her second album Electra Heart. Combining dance floor appeal with her typical theatrical approach, the track shares its title with the album which I'm definitely looking forward to. The lyrics compare the singer to a fruit, waiting to be picked by her "one true love" and ready for "Living la dolce vita". It's probably just a coincidence, but the opening line "I've seen seasons come and go / From winter sun to summer snow" reminds me a lot of a similar line taken from Naomi Pilgrim's sensational debut single "No Gun": "Seasons will come and go / Summer sun will turn to snow"

And speaking of Naomi Pilgrim, she too has a new song out! It bears the title "It's All Good", and is a more uptempo number compared to her three-track EP and the aforementioned debut song "No Gun". It's yet another great tune from her - come on, how come she hasn't landed a recording contract for a full-length LP release already? And if she has, I hope the album's on its way - I can't have enough of her music!

And then there's the incredible MØ who's released a collaboration called "No More" with the Swedish pop singer Elliphant, taken from the latter's latest EP of the same name. The synth-laden pop single is accompanied with a music video where the two are dressed up in Adidas tracksuits and light-up sneakers while sporting Geisha hairdos. The clip sees them embarking on a night out, getting wasted in a cab and dancing in a parking lot. Fun, erm, interesting fact: at 3:08 you can see Elliphant actually peeing on the street.

Well, there's some of my picks from the past weeks. Stay tuned, now that the blog's back on track again!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Röyksopp & Robyn get eerie on their 'Monument' music video

Following the releases of "Do It Again" and "Sayit", Röyksopp & Robyn have released a third single taken from their collaborative EP Do It Again (a review can be found here). The single in question is the incredible opening track "Monument", and a music video was shot as well. Directed by previous Robyn collaborator Max Vitali, the nearly seven-minute clip is a futuristic, surreal visual adaptation of the gloominess of the song, seamlessly matching its stylistic minimalism. It features the trio lying on a glowing white platform with two dancers performing an eerie routine, floating in space and finally being overshadowed by a giant upside-down pyramid. Rather than narrating a story, the music video seeks to convey an emotion and, in my opinion, does it quite stunningly. Check it out below:

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New music videos from Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey

More has happened in the world of music videos.

First of all, here's the new clip for Katy Perry's latest single "This Is How We Do", taken from her fairly good pop record Prism. I'm still unimpressed by her choice for the next single (come on, why not give "International Smile" a chance? It's one of the best songs on the album!) but the music video is a very typical Katy Perry video. It's fun, with heaps of completely unrelated stuff - whatever is the connection between ping pong or basket ball players, watermelon fans, animated desserts and the retro aesthetics of the clip is completely beyond me. But maybe it's indeed 'just' a Katy Perry pop video and should be taken as such, so instead of troubling our heads about any deeper meanings, let's just enjoy the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink clip, rich with colours, De Stijl references, twerking ice cream cones and even a Mariah Carey impersonator.

Then there's also, of course, the ever so dramatic Lana Del Rey and the music video for her new single "Ultraviolence". The grainy clip looks as if it was filmed with an old iPhone and is like the audiovisual equivalent of an Instagram filter but I suppose that's intentional. There's lots of close-ups of her infamous lips - sometimes wrapping around her lover's fingers, sometimes a piece of a tangerine - while she wanders around in a garden, wearing a wedding dress. Well, you'd expect much more from her, but then again it's very Lana-esque anyway. Although to that extent that she's starting to resemble a parody of herself. But maybe that's just me.

Two new Madonna demos have leaked

Well, new as in 'previously unreleased'. As a matter of fact, the demos date back all the way to Madonna's Erotica sessions in the early '90s so nope, they've got nothing to do with her forthcoming, currently untitled 13th studio album. But now that I've got your attention, why won't you check them out? Sometimes outtakes are outtakes for a reason - the first one, "You Are The One", is a bit of a throwaway - but "Shame" is actually a pretty good tune that would've made a proper Madonna classic, had it been released. (Die-hard fans of her Madgesty may recognise the song titles from "the Rain tapes", a collection of demos from the Erotica era.)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Review: 'Pig Safari' by CC33

I mostly do music blogging just for my own amusement, as there's not that many actual perks to it. Unlike those who blog about food or fashion or whatever, you don't really get that much material profit out of it - you have to be pretty well-known in order to receive exclusive invitations or free concert tickets or stuff like that. However, every once in a while I do get e-mails with free music downloads etc. in them, and some months ago I even got my first promo CD in the mail so that's always pretty nice. The CD in question was called Pig Safari by the Finnish electro-rock outfit CC33.

You might recognise the band as it has been featured on my blog before, first in the Song of the Week section, then in my blog post about Finnish indie music. Generally, as you might've noticed by now, i don't tend to write about Finnish music that often (despite being a Finn myself) but there's always the occasional exceptions to that rule that are just too interesting to ignore. The Jyväskylä-based group CC33 is one of those.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dragonette are (kind of) back with a new song!

The Canadian pop outfit Dragonette are some of the best electropop musicians out there, and now they've got a new single coming out! Releasing new music for the first time since their cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" last January, the trio have collaborated with Dutch DJ Mike Mago on a brand new house track called "Outlines". The song is already available on Soundcloud and YouTube, and it's properly out on August 15.

Ever since Disclosure broke through internationally (their AlunaGeorge collaboration "White Noise" was ranked the 2nd best song of 2013 on Popheaval's 'Best Of' list), you could really start hearing the influence of their deep house vibes in other music as well. "Outlines" has some elements of that same music style, while Basement Jaxx's recent(ish) single "Unicorn" felt equally Disclosure-inspired. Not that it'd be a bad thing at all. So, one does wonder: is the UK garage/deep house sound making its way to the mainstream consciousness again?

Anyway, in case you're interested, there's also a lyric video for the song (since they're clearly a 'thing' these days). Here you go:

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New music videos from Basement Jaxx, Lily Allen, Katy Perry

Twerking might've exploded in the mainstream in the aftermath of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's questionable 2013 VMA performance, but Basement Jaxx have been playing with the phenomenon for some time already - the duo's 2009 album Scars even featured a song titled "Twerk". Not that it'd make twerking any less cringeworthy, though. Anyhow, this bootylicious dance style now makes an appearance in the new music video for their latest single "Never Say Never", taken from their forthcoming LP Junto. The tongue-in-cheek clip features the "Twerk-bot", a high-tech robot designed to save the humanity by inspiring mankind to dance again. Or something along those lines. It's got everything you need: wi-fi, bluetooth, USB connection for charging your devices etc. It's compatible with iTunes and even comes with self-lubricating buttocks that are machine-washable and perfectly suitable for... wait a minute.

Then there's Lily Allen who has a new single on the way from her new album Sheezus, and this time it's "As Long As I Got You". A music video was uploaded on YouTube a couple of days ago, and it's essentially a tribute to the Glastonbury Festival, where she performed this year for the first time in five years. It incorporates bits and pieces from the festival, such as Allen dancing and singing to the song backstage and clips of her Glasto performance. It's quite fun and summery and all but also feels more like a festival trailer than a proper music video.

Also, is it just me or is she going through singles like there's no tomorrow? After "Hard Out Here", "Air Balloon", "Our Time", and "URL Badman", this is already the fifth Sheezus single. (In addition, the title track "Sheezus" was also treated with a promotional video, though it wasn't released as a single.) Hell, it's less than a month since the previous one! Yet, with the exception of the past controversy around "Hard Out Here", none have succeeded in making a major impact, with the latest two even failing to enter the top 40 on her home turf. Lily Allen's comeback hasn't really gone that smoothly, now has it.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry's apparently about to release a new single as well. And the song in question is...

*drum roll*

"This Is How We Do". Well damn. Perry's latest album Prism was a pretty good pop album (I gave it a four out of five) and it features a bunch of tracks that'd make great singles. She seems to have confirmed that "Legendary Lovers" would be released as one, while "International Smile" would make a most infectious uptempo summer hit. And still, she chose "This Is How We Do" that sounds like a Kesha throwaway and is certainly not the best the album has to offer. Sometimes I do question decisions that musicians make. On the other hand, "Dark Horse" - another Prism tune I couldn't stand - turned out to become a surprisingly massive hit so maybe she knows better... Nevertheless, here's the lyric video for the song:

Monday, 21 July 2014

Here's the powerful music video for Röyksopp & Robyn's 'Do It Again'

Röyksopp & Robyn's bittersweet party anthem "Do It Again", taken from their new EP of the same name (here's a review!), now has a music video to it. Rather than serving as a literal visual interpretation of the song lyrics, the intense clip embraces the chaos and destruction of the more metaphoric sense of the lyrical content. Said Robyn: "This is a song that needs visuals to balance the hysteria, the manic energy". And boy, do they deliver. There's no straightforward explanation regarding the narrative, but it seems to deal with a range of gloomy themes such as desperation, violence, and loss. Not necessarily quite what you'd anticipate from the music video of the most dance floor friendly number of their latest record but that's Röyksopp & Robyn for ya - expect the unexpected. Check out the amazing, if a bit depressing video below:

(And for a live performance of "Do It Again" and another of their newer songs, "Monument", head over here!)