Friday, 9 August 2013

New music video by Basement Jaxx: 'What A Difference Your Love Makes'

Basement Jaxx, everyone's favourite frenetic house duo is releasing a new album sometime in the future. A little while ago the new song "What A Difference Your Love Makes" surfaced in the internet and now it's accompanied with a video. It's an enjoyable little summery tune - and very Basement Jaxx-y too - with the surprisingly non-hyperactive video featuring South African dancers doing something that I believe is called Pantsula dance. Sure, the song is no "Where's Your Head At" or "Raindrops" or "Good Luck" but hey, at least it's considerably better than their previous one, "Back 2 The Wild", which could've been an album filler back in their Remedy era. If even that. But yeah, this one's a bit more promising. Still, if they chose these two songs to introduce the new album with... well, I hope they're saving the best for last.

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