Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Despair'

The date of my departure is drawing near. I'm moving to a country that I've never been to, to a city where I know no-one, where they speak a language I don't speak. Needless to say, I am starting to get a little terrified by the thought. I've never spent longer times abroad so this is a real first. The idea of everyday life in a foreign country is not only appealing but also scary as hell. Surely you'll get used to it and everything and soon it'll be nothing but for now, I remain terrified. So there's that.

But it also made me think of all the people that I'm leaving behind. Family, friends, etc. Lately I've been travelling around the country in order to meet family members and mates "for the last time before I go" - very dramatic, is it not - and it has felt like a goddamn farewell tour of some kind. A bit like Cher, with the exception that she does farewell tours on a regular basis.

Then I found solace in a song. In Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Despair" to be precise. The lyrics are made for a situation like this, just listen to the lines like "Don't despair, you're there / From beginning to middle to end / Don't despair, you're there / Through my wasted days / You're there through my wasted nights". So in case you're missing a friend or a lover or a family member or just a special someone, listen to this song, and hear Karen O declaring "My sun is your sun." What a soothing thought.

And after obsessing over this song for a while, I learnt that the song was also released as a 2nd single off their latest album Mosquito and now has a music video as well. Oh how neatly I can just wrap it all up as a mere single review now! Oh and the song itself? It's good. It's all kinds of brilliant. It's "Maps" kind of brilliant so yeah, it's really that good. 

If you're not a fan of lengthy a cappella intros, the song itself starts at 1:48. You're welcome.

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