Wednesday, 14 August 2013

V V Brown - 'The Apple'

New music from V V Brown's upcoming album, titled Samson & Delilah, has surfaced. The second single "The Apple" sounds quite nice and marks a departure from the straight-forward retro pop sound of her debut album Travelling Like The Light. Her music sounds more mature now, which is great, considering that though her first LP was fun and had great tracks on it, it wasn't really that spectacular as whole. But this new stuff's very promising indeed! It sounds like a long-lost twin sister of Róisín Murphy's 2007 track "Parallel Lives".

You should also check out the album's sinister lead single, the semi-titular "Samson". It sounds new and fresh, yet distinctively V V Brown, it's catchy and it leaves you wanting for more. Just like a lead single should be.

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