Sunday, 1 September 2013

New music from Basement Jaxx

So, there's one more new track from the frenetic Brixton-based duo and it's called "Mermaid Of Salinas" (which is a place in California, just to spare your time from googling). This one is apparently going to be a b-side to the pair's latest single "What A Difference Your Love Makes". (Yay b-sides! Too often the "b-sides" are just extended versions, instrumentals and remixes of the original single.) The song is a classic example of the band going latin house on a track - Samba Magic comes to mind - and shows just how crazy they can get with their music. Then again, Basement Jaxx has always been a bit too left field to achieve real mainstream success. Sure, they've had a string of hit singles from "Where's Your Head At" and "Red Alert" to "Good Luck" and "Raindrops" but the band has always been so much more than just the singles. Which I, personally, very much appreciate in a band. Anyway, here's the tune itself - it's very summery and has that '90s Basement Jaxx feel to it so make the most of it before the summer's completely gone:

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