Sunday, 22 September 2013

Four years of Bonkersness

Can you imagine - it's already over four years since Dizzee Rascal released his incredibly catchy hit single "Bonkers". Time sure flies. Subsequently the song made its way into his touring repertoire but no performance of it was quite as bonkers as the following one. It's taken from Dizzee's appearance on Jools Holland exactly four years ago. It has Dizzee going all yeehaw on a hillbillified (yes, it is a word - well, according to Urban Dictionary at least) version of the song. Hilariousness ensues. The backing vocalist, by the way, is Vula Malinga, most notable for her work with Basement Jaxx, just in case you're wondering (such as in "Oh My Gosh", the music video of which she also starred). Dizzee too has collaborated with Basement Jaxx in their 2003 single "Lucky Star". It's a small world, is it not.

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