Tuesday, 24 September 2013

M.I.A. shares new album cover (tracklist also revealed)

M.I.A., who's had a bit of trouble with her record label, has released the (apparently) official album artwork of her forthcoming LP Matangi. I guess she uses social media as a way to get back at her label: first she threatened on Twitter to leak the much-postponed album herself, which finally got the album a release date. Now she revealed the album cover on her Tumblr site. Here's also another version of the album cover on the left while the right one could be a possible back cover. Meanwhile, the album itself is being released on November 5th.

Update: According to my inside sources (alright, Pitchfork) the tracklist for the album has also been (unofficially) revealed. Well, that's music industry for ya - leaks after leaks after leaks. Here it is anyway:

"Only 1 U"
"Come Walk With Me"
"Bad Girls"
"Boom Skit"
"Double Bubble Trouble"
"Bring The Noize"
"Know It Ain't Right"

So it's 15 tracks altogether. Some of them have already been released earlier in some form or another (most notably the singles "Bring The Noize" and "Come Walk With Me" and especially the massive 2012 banger "Bad Girls"). The rest are still one month and a half away.

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