Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Róisín Murphy teases new EP, shares details about forthcoming projects

So, everyone's favourite electronic goddess Róisín Murphy has shared a teaser of her forthcoming EP - yes, there's finally a new Róisín record on the way! - which will be released in May and is called Mi Senti. As the title might suggest, it's going to be sung interestingly in Italian. She did the project together with her partner Sebastiano Properzi aka Brigante (of Luca C & Brigante, with whom Róisín has collaborated on their "Flash of Light" song). Listen to the 54-second teaser below:

Hmm. It's an interesting choice for a teaser but I don't really know what to say to be honest. She's done better stuff for sure. Maybe I'll just wait until we've got the actual EP in our hands before I say anything more than that, who knows how it'll turn out to be. It could be amazing after all.

However. HOWEVER. There's more than that!

In a recent interview with Irish radio presenter Rory Hall, she reveals that Mi Senti is not the only thing she's been working on lately - here's what she said:
"I have been incredibly productive as of late, actually (...) I'm working on an album, a Róisín Murphy album, which is going really well. I've got a single coming out on Eskimo records soon called 'Leviathan', which is a collaboration with Freeform Five. I'm doing another house music EP."
While a follow-up for 2007's incredibly Overpowered is not exactly brand new information - she spoke of it already back in 2009 - it's great to hear that the album is finally proceeding. (Although she did have two children during this time so the delay is understandable enough.) Whether or not the new single "Leviathan" will be on the album or not is currently unknown (the same goes for other post-Overpowered non-album songs "Demon Lover", "Orally Fixated""Momma's Place" and "Simulation"), but the song can actually already be listened to on Eskimo Recordings' Soundcloud page. To save you from unnecessary clicks and waiting time, here you go:

Now that's some proper Róisín stuff there. And then there's also that other EP she mentioned. I assume it's going to be a collaboration with someone (perhaps Luca C & Brigante or someone entirely new?) but we'll have to wait for more details. Anyway, what spectacular news - looks like 2014 could see Róisín coming back with a blast!

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