Monday, 10 February 2014

Rhino House Band's debut EP is out!

Remember the fortunately non-extinct indie rock group Rhino House Band I once wrote about? And how I said they had an EP on the way? Well, good news guys - it's out now! The excellent five-track record bears the title Golden Summer and can be streamed on their Soundcloud page. I fell in love with the EP on the first listen, and while all the songs on the record are great, personal favourites include "James' Song" and "Dirty Hobo". I actually chose "James' Song" for the first entry for my new 'Song of the week' feature: you can find an embedded Soundcloud box to the right of the blog posts, above the archive, which will be updated weekly with a new exciting song that I want to share with my readers! So keep an eye on that thing as well.

In addition to streaming the EP for free online, you can also buy it on their Bandcamp page at whatever price you want (there's no set minimum). How cool is that? So, check out Golden Summer below and don't forget to support good indie music! 

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