Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Band of Skulls share new single + music video 'Nightmares'

The amazing alternative rock trio Band of Skulls - one of my favourite current rock acts - have released the next single taken from their forthcoming album Himalayan. The song, titled "Nightmares", is the second single from the record, preceded by the excellent "Asleep At The Wheel" which was infectious enough to make it to #9 on my Best of 2013 song list.

While "Asleep At The Wheel" was a typical edgier Band of Skulls track rich in riffs, "Nightmares" showcases the group's mellower, blues-influenced side, with the chorus asking "If I died tomorrow, would you be upset / or would you be the one coming to get me?" and Russell Marsden and Emma Richardson's emotional vocals blending together as beautifully and seamlessly as ever. Here's the music video, depicting a love story gone tragically wrong:

There's also a beautiful acoustic live rendition of the song on Youtube. Damn, it really, really makes me want to see these guys live. They actually were in Copenhagen last year opening up for Queens of the Stone Age but the tickets were rather expensive and I couldn't go there anyway so... got to keep an eye on the tour dates, then.

Ah, so stunning. Someone get me a glass of whiskey, a cigarette and a rainy evening like right now. They also played "Asleep At The Wheel" in the same session:

Seriously, how good are these guys?

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