Friday, 21 February 2014

Happy February 21!

And what's that now, you ask? Well, February 21 marks the 14th time that the annual International Mother Language Day is celebrated. It is observed in order to promote multilingualism and the diversity of cultures and languages. So that's what. Nope, I hadn't heard of it before either so I've got my friends over at Wirtanappi to thank for keeping me informed. (They were discussing it in their radio show this morning.) Thus, remember to be proud of your very own language today - they are a richness!

Something else happened today as well. A baby princess was born on the other side of the border, in Sweden, so congratulations Madeleine and Chris for your newborn child! Grattis!

In order to tie these completely separate things awkwardly together and celebrate both my native language (which is Finnish) and the little princess (who is Swedish), here is an interesting video of Nina Persson (of the Swedish rock group The Cardigans) singing a Finnish tango song at the 2006 Guldbagge Awards, Sweden's leading film awards. Yes, a tango song. Yes, in Finnish.

The somewhat surprising cover is actually taken from a 2006 movie God Willing (Om Gud Vill) where Persson stars as a Finnish tango singer who moves to Stockholm. And the movie's another thing I had absolutely no idea about! It's quite surprising what you can find in the depths of Youtube.

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