Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the 14th of February and you know what that means - Valentine's Day is upon us. You're already probably so sick of all the saccharine posts and romantic sentimentality in the realms of social media and television etc. And then if you don't have someone special to share this 'magical day' with, you're either deemed a desperate loser or a pathetic hermit incapable of human emotion.

It's not like that everywhere in the world, though! In Finland and Estonia we don't celebrate Valentine's Day as such, but we rather call it ystävänpäivä or sõbrapäev, respectively, which would translate to "friend's day". So instead of commemorating romances and people's desperate quest for avoiding loneliness, we celebrate having friends and spending time together with them. Much less exclusive, much more fun! Although the effect of the ubiquitous American culture has inevitably influenced the day, turning it more and more pink and heart-filled. (Speaking of hearts, you might as well check out my heart-themed playlist - fear not, it's not that schmaltzy.)

As a Valentine's Day gift for her fans, the Danish indie popper MØ has recorded and released a cover of Spice Girls' 1996 single "Say You'll Be There". (Don't even get started - compared to a lot of stuff dominating the charts these days, Spice Girls were just fine.) And it gets even better - you can download it for free

And here's the original version and its music video, with Mel C - I mean "Katrina Highkick" - being as badass as always, throwing high kicks and backflips in the middle of a desert. As you do.

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