Monday, 24 February 2014

Here's the new Artymove single + video!

So guys, I'm sure you remember Artymove, the Swedish electropop band whose previous single "So Real" also appeared on my Best of 2013 playlist and whose "No Option" collaboration with Jeannie was featured as the blog's Song of the Week last week? Well, the band's got a new single out!

As the title might suggest, the new single "Back and Forth Redux" is not actually a brand new song as such but rather a revamped version of a track called "Back And Forth" from their 2012 EP Bankruptcy. The new edit is shorter, omitting the original outro, and features guest vocals from a Danish rapper Mercedes. It's pretty catchy - I've had the song in my head for days!

When I saw Artymove open up for Dragonette in Helsinki in 2012, the singer Mathilda joked about this song being "only about that Finnish thing you've got, the sauna. Nothing more." Well, in the music video they take this metaphor a step further and the slow motion clip is actually filmed inside a sauna. Other shots include Mathilda and Mercedes dancing around a fire. To quote the lyrics, they literally "keep it hot and keep it steamy"!

And in case your curious, here's also the original version. Being one and a half minutes longer, it features an outro where the line "Come on everybody" is chanted throughout, before turning into something that sounds like a funeral hymn, of all things! Quite the juxtaposition, eh?

So there's some exciting new music to kick off your week with, enjoy! Oh, and I was told they've also got new material in the making so stay tuned for more.

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