Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New music: Panik Disco feat. Artymove - All In (No Niin)

Are you too looking for new and fresh music for your spring that's getting warmer day by day? If yes, then you're in for a treat: Stockholm-based DJ act Panik Disco have released their debut single "All In (No Niin)" which is a collaboration with none other than the fabulous Swedish electropop trio Artymove. The upbeat song is a tropical-sounding banger whose wackiness recalls that of Remedy/Rooty era early Basement Jaxx. What makes the song even more hilariously enjoyable is the lyrics: Artymove frontwoman Mathilda Lindgren sings the song both in English and Finnish(!), often even switching languages mid-sentence: "No niin, muista nyt liikkua people / 'Cause I like to move it". The cheerful chorus urges its listeners to take control of their own life: "Be the fire in you heart (No niin, no niin) / Be the movement that you want (no niin, no niin)".

With the sun shining ever so brightly from the cloudless sky and this song playing in the background, I think it's official - summer's here!

A music video (that further plays with the carnivalistic feel of the track) was also shot to accompany the single release:


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