Monday, 10 March 2014

Lily Allen shares new single 'Our Time'

The release date of Lily Allen's forthcoming album Sheezus is drawing near, and another single has been released from the LP. This one's called "Our Time" and it is an ode to the hazy drunken nights you have with your friends. With lyrics such as "Bring some fags and bring some Rizlas / We gonna party like it's nobody's business", it might not be the most groundbreaking thing ever but it's still an uplifting pop tune for your carefree party nights. The record's shaping out to be pretty happy-sounding, isn't it? Fortunately it's also more "Air Balloon" and less "L8 CMMR", with less prominent use of Auto-Tune.

The funny music video depicts Allen's shitfaced adventures in London and less-than-appropriate taxi behaviour - watch it below:

The album itself can be pre-ordered over here.

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