Saturday, 1 March 2014

And speaking of Anouk, she's got a new live album coming out.

So not only is there a new single, now there's also a new concert recording available for pre-order. The album bears the title Live At Symphonica In Rosso and is a 2-CD recording of her performance in the music event Symphonica In Rosso in October, held annually in the football stadium GelreDome in Arnhem, The Netherlands, where Anouk performed collaborating with a live orchestra. The release date of the album is on March 14, and it can be pre-ordered via iTunes. The setlist includes both songs from her latest LP Sad Singalong Songs (plus the recent-ish new single "Wigger") and older hits as well.

Track list:


"The Rules"
"The Good Life"
"Are You Lonely"
"Down & Dirty"
"Modern World"
"I Won't Play That Game"
"One Word"
"I'm A Cliche"


"For Bitter Or Worse"
"Pretending As Always"
"Three Days In A Row"
"If I Go"
"Nothing At All"
"Killer Bee"
"Nobody's Wife"

Here's the dramatic trailer as well:

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