Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lily Allen shares new music video 'Sheezus'

Okay, I really don't know what to think about this album anymore. Sheezus is shaping out to be an extremely reactive record that seeks to get attention by referring to other more 'current' and 'relative' topics, such as the Robin Thicke-shaming on "Hard Out Here" (he totally had it coming, though) or calling the album Sheezus after Kanye West's critically acclaimed (and somewhat egotistic) Yeezus. And with the title track of the album, it's hardly getting better - rather than relying on her own talent, she keeps name-checking other female artists that have been ruling the charts during her absence: "RiRi isn't scared of Katy Perry's roaring / Queen B's going back to the drawing / Lorde smells blood, yeah, she's about to slay you / Kid ain't one to fuck with when she's only on her debut". Her jab at Lady Gaga is quite hilarious (and appropriate) though: "We're all watching Gaga L-O-L ha-ha / dying for the art so really she's a martyr" (and a martyr is a role she really, really likes to play). But let's not get carried away with that, here's the video:

The rest of the song is just a commentary on her comeback to the music biz, with lyrics such as "Been here before, so I'm prepared / Not gonna lie though, I'm kinda scared". She dedicates a whole verse to having periods (not that there's anything wrong with that). The music video's way too M.I.A.-esque to ignore. And telling her peers to "Give me that crown, bitch / I wanna be Sheezus" with such a lackluster song? Yeah, good luck with that.

Then again, even she herself has dissed the singles, admitting on Twitter they are "docile pop rubbish" when answering to a disappointed fan. 

Uh-oh. Let's hope the album tracks will be redeeming, then. And while "L8 CMMR" was a bit awful, at least "Air Balloon" and "Our Time" were pretty good. I don't want to be that guy who's complaining about change and new directions and how the old material was so much better and whatnot.

That being said, here's a golden oldie and one of my favourite Lily Allen tracks, "Shame For You". Just for the sake of it.


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