Thursday, 17 April 2014

A lot has happened in music lately

As you might or might have not noticed, I've been absent from the blogosphere for a week or so and phew, there's been all sorts of things going on! Here are some of my picks:

Arguably the biggest scoop is Nirvana's unexpected (or expected, depending on how you see it) onstage comeback. The iconic grunge group was inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility (there has to be at least 25 years from the inductee's debut single; Nirvana's "Love Buzz" came out in 1988). The remaining members of the band then performed a handful of their songs with female singers, with Joan Jett, Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth), St. Vincent and Lorde singing "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Aneurysm", "Lithium" and "All Apologies", respectively. The group also asked PJ Harvey to join them to sing "Milk It" but unfortunately, she couldn't make it. Check out the performances below:

Hopefully the performances were also recorded officially so that we wouldn't have to rely on clips recorded with mobile phones.

So that's there. Then to other news:

Lana Del Rey has released the lead single from her forthcoming album Ultraviolence. The song is titled "West Coast" and is more of an alt-rock effort as opposed to the cinematic overall sound of her first album Born To Die. Sounds quite promising!

Róisín Murphy has also released a new song "Ancora Tu" from her new EP Mi Senti on which she sings entirely in Italian. The EP consists mostly of covers of Italian songs from the 1960s and 1970s but also features one original song, "In Sintesi". The tracklist is as follows:

"Ancora Ancora Ancora"
"Pensiero Stupendo"
"Ancora Tu"
"In Sintesi"
"Non Credere"
"La Gatta"

And here's the song itself:

Hmm. The EP will certainly be an interesting listen. I'm still looking more forward to the actual album and the house music EP she's also got coming up...

Meanwhile, Swedish pop goddess Robyn and Norwegian electro wizards Röyksopp have announced a collaborative EP Do It Again (it shares its name with their joint tour). A teaser of a song called "Monument" has made its way to Youtube - time to get hyped up:

And speaking of EPs, the wonderful alt-rockers Band of Skulls have also released a new EP and guess what, you can download it for free! Click here to do that. The four-track EP, titled Crackle & Sin, features live versions of older songs ("Fires", "Sweet Sour"), a completely new song ("For Tomorrow") and the title track from the group's latest album Himalayan

Record Store Day 2014 is drawing nearer (it's actually two days from now), and among the RSD releases is a remastered edition of Grace Jones's iconic 1981 album Nightclubbing. The two-disc version features a bunch of remixes and also a some previously unreleased songs from the album sessions. One of them, a Gary Numan cover "Me! I Disconnect From You", was already uploaded on Youtube but now another song has surfaced - this one's called "If You Wanna Be My Lover". Both sound great and I'm really looking forward to this particular RSD release.

And then what else. Well, as part of the Axe Peace Project campaign, an alternative music video to Lily Allen's latest single "Our Time" has been shot. You might as well check that one out, too:

So, a lot has indeed happened and I guess that's quite enough for one blog post. Stay tuned for more bits and pieces from the world of music!

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