Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Check out Basement Jaxx's new single 'Never Say Never'

Just a couple of days ago, Basement Jaxx shared another track from their forthcoming seventh LP Junto. This one's called "Never Say Never" and features London-based singer/producer ETML on vocals. It's a nice and unmistakably Jaxx-y tune for sure but to call it one of their most memorable tunes to date would be a reach. It feels a bit lacking to me, especially considering it's a single release. I'd even go on to describe it as a less cheerful, more forgettable "Feelings Gone" but maybe that's just me. Usually the Basement Jaxx singles just tend to be more anthemic or earworm-y. Maybe it'll take a few listens first, though, so I will give it some time anyway. That's not to say that it's a bad tune as such - do check it out for yourself!

Interestingly enough, they released this single before even filming a music video for the previous one, "Unicorn". (I don't think the visual created by Hungarian video artist Tomek Ducki really counts as one, even if it features an animated twerking unicorn.)

Furthermore, the Mark Knight remix of "Never Say Never" has also created quite some buzz over at Beatport, even peaking at #1 in the House 100 chart of the site.

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