Friday, 2 May 2014

Another song from Róisín Murphy's Italian EP surfaces

Following the release of "Ancora Tu", another song from Róisín Murphy's forthcoming EP Mi Senti - sung entirely in Italian - has made its way to Soundcloud. Unlike the other five tracks which are cover versions of '60s/'70s Italian pop classics, the new song "In Sintesi" is actually an original song that was written to compliment the rest of the EP. Here's what Róisín herself had to say about the song, according to FACT Magazine:
"'In Sintesi' came together very quickly and I think we all enjoyed the freedom of creating from scratch our own thing, after the weeks of work involved in getting the cover versions close to something we could be proud of."
Indeed, it must've been refreshing to be able to write original material for a change. Judging by the bits and pieces of the EP we've previously heard, "In Sintesi" will fit together seamlessly with the cover songs and their stylistically consistent arrangements. While also electronic in nature, Mi Senti is shaping out to be a much more chill and laid-back effort than her previous record, 2007's Overpowered and although I was initially reserved about the EP, I'm starting to warm up to it with "In Sintesi" - I especially love the last minute or so of the song.

Mi Senti will be released 28 May and can be preordered over here. Listen to "In Sintesi" below:

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