Wednesday, 21 May 2014

12 Eurovision songs have charted in the UK!

Okay, here's one more Eurovision-themed blog post. All of you who are suffering from post-Eurovision depression will surely be happy to know that a whooping 12 songs from this year's contest have charted on the UK singles chart, four of which even entered the top 40! How amazing is that? The highest-peaking song was the Netherlands' entry "Calm After The Storm" by The Common Linnets which made it to the top 10, peaking at #9. Phew! Conchita Wurst's winning anthem rose like a phoenix (sorry, too puntastic a song title to ignore) to #17, while the UK's own representative Molly charted at #23 with her song "Children Of The Universe". Last entry to chart among the top 40 was Sweden's Sanna Nielsen's "Undo", which finished 3rd in the contest.

Yet another eight songs made it to top 100, and they are as follows:

#46: Basim - "Cliché Love Song" (Denmark)
#70: Pollapönk - "No Prejudice" (Iceland)
#82: Firelight - "Coming Home" (Malta)
#85: Sebalter - "Hunter of Stars" (Switzerland)
#88: Aram MP3 - "Not Alone" (Armenia)
#89: Twin Twin - "Moustache" (France)
#93: Softengine - "Something Better" (Finland)
#97: Carl Espen - "Silent Storm" (Norway)

(On a side note, I'm very pleased to see that not only were all the Nordic entries among the top 15 in the Grand Final, but they've also all charted in the UK!)

Furthermore, "Rainmaker" by previous year's winner Emmelie de Forest (the theme song of Eurovision Song Contest 2014) charted at #73.

And that's not all: the winning song "Rise Like A Phoenix" has entered the iTunes charts in top 3 in 14 different countries, them being Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland, and made it to #9 worldwide!

Very nice, good job everybody - this certainly proves that the Eurovision is still every bit as relevant as ever! And here's the winning entry one last time:

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