Tuesday, 21 January 2014

V V Brown announces a competition regarding her next single release.

So, after releasing the amazing singles "Samson" and "The Apple" from her stunning sophomore album Samson & Delilah, V V Brown is apparently about to release another single! Which song it'll be exactly remains a mystery, and that's actually the catch here: you have to guess it on her Facebook page. Each person gets one chance, and out of the people who have predicted it right by the time the competition ends, one will be randomly selected as the winner. And what does the winner get, you ask? A personal song written by Brown especially to him or her, that's what.

She'll be posting about the competition every Monday (until otherwise stated) so I suppose it'll last for at least a couple of weeks. Here's the first hint:

Nope, me neither. Personally I'd hope for either "Ghosts" or "Knife". "Igneous" could also be a strong contender. I'm still waiting for more hints before I leave my guess though.

Oh, and if you're 'blessed' with an impossibly pronounceable name such as a Polish one with like, seven consonants back-to-back, do us all (and her) a favour and maybe don't participate, eh? 

(Then again, am I really one to talk? Finnish names aren't exactly easy for foreigners either. Okay, fine, live and let live. Everybody go and participate, good luck! Who knows, maybe the winner could be you...)

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