Tuesday, 14 January 2014

MØ shares teaser of new single 'Don't Wanna Dance'

MØ, the Danish indie popper who I've been lately a bit obsessed with, shared a brief teaser of her upcoming single "Don't Wanna Dance" on her Instagram page. It's the first single to be released from her No Mythologies To Follow LP which is apparently out on 10t of March, if her Facebook cover photo is to be believed. (Originally the released date was announced to be February 24 so the date must've been postponed.) The song seems to be much less urban-sounding than her previous singles "XXX 88" and "Waste of Time" and more retro-ish (in the style of another single, "Never Wanna Know"), complete with a '60s Motown beat. The song will debut on BBC Radio 1 in two days, on 16th, so expect to hear the full version soon on YouTube or Spotify or Soundcloud or what have you. And if the teaser leaves you wanting for more, you can tease yourself further with the album sampler she released a while ago.

That's all.

Edit. Here's the track! Quite lovely, is it not?

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