Friday, 4 October 2013

One For The Weekend: 'Animale' by Don Diablo feat Dragonette

The weekend's here again. Too bad I've caught a cold so no partying for me... the chilly Danish weather got the best of me, it seems. So hear me guys, remember to look after yourselves. Oranges, for example, are an excellent way to take care of those vitamin C levels - just make sure they're not that kind of oranges as seen in the 'Animale' music video.

'Animale', the 2010 single of the Dutch DJ Don Diablo (try to say that after a couple of drinks) is a killer tune with infectious synth riff that makes you want to go bananas with citrus fruits and dance like you're living in a Skins episode. And hey, any music video that promotes fruit consumption is good, right?

Of course the clip actually refers to Requiem for a Dream, the heart-breaking and disturbing drug drama, and the oranges are obviously a metaphor for something less innocent they're getting high with. Which you probably noticed yourself. Anyway, the brilliant track also features Martina Sorbara of Dragonette (of whom I recently wrote about) in the vocals, so there's one more reason to love the tune. So go ahead, knock yourselves out to this song and have a great weekend!

Fun fact: after discovering this clip I started to get enormous cravings for oranges whenever hungover.

Another fun fact: people have told me I bear a striking resemblance to the protagonist of the video. After that I haven't been able to unsee it and now watching my unfortunate doppelgänger's fruit-fuelled adventures feels a bit weird, I'm telling you.

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