Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Now I'm ready to start.

Well now, after a long series of what-ifs and when-ifs I've finally - inspired by my sister, encouraged by my friends and tempted by my own interest - taken action and started running a blog. Passionate music lover as I am, writing about music-related things appeals to me on many levels, so this is obviously my contribution to the blogosphere and to music journalism. Simple as that.

Join me as I venture into the exciting realms of pop music, both new and old alike. This blog will introduce you to a shitload of new indie/pop/electro/whatever bands, remind you of many old ones too and, most importantly, celebrate the brilliant silliness that is pop music. Now, I'm no radio hater myself but it is quite safe to say that the emphasis will be on the alternative side so don't worry - no top 40 hype here!

Get ready for music news, reviews, introductions of up-and-coming artists, special themed playlists and retrospective music articles. Expect the occasional pop gossip as well.

Buckle up folks, it's go time! Prepare for a proper upheav... I mean, popheaval of course!

(Oh, and if you like what you read, do spread the word. I won't mind.)

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