Songs of the Week

Beatrice Eli - Girls

"I've got the girls on my mind, all the time", sings Beatrice Eli on her anthemic 'Girls' which is quite possibly one of the best lesbian coming out songs out there. Is she outing herself as well or was she ever in the closet to begin with? Who cares. What does matter is that the song's gooood.

Naomi Pilgrim - It's All Good

As you might've noticed by now, I'm completely obsessed with the incredible Naomi Pilgrim. Now also noted by the likes of Noisey and nominated as "Breakthrough Act of the Year" by the Swedish music magazine GAFFA, she's definitely got what it takes to become a big name in the Nordic pop scene in the future so do keep an eye on her! And here's her latest single (and fifth song to date), the uptempo synthpop number "It's All Good".

Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Marina's back with an infectious disco-pop track "Froot" - yay! Sharing its name with her forthcoming 3rd LP, the track is a fantastic sampler of what's to come. I for one am definitely looking forward to it!

Sima - Tanssilattialla

Here's a fresh pop tune from Finland I recently discovered. Combining retro synths and slick beats, this smooth track lives up to its name (which translates to "On The Dance Floor") and don't mind if you don't understand the lyrics - they barely make sense in Finnish either. But good music transcends language barriers, right?

Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang

It might be August already, but the anthemic soul-pop number that is "Bang Bang" is a serious contender for one of the definite songs of this summer. The handclap-driven banger, heavy with big beats, gospel backing vocals and the occasional horns, will have you bopping along. Nicki Minaj obviously steals the spotlight, as she does.

Naomi Pilgrim - House of Dreams

You might remember Swedish/Barbadian pop promise Naomi Pilgrim from before, as some of her music has been already featured on the blog. She's one of the most exciting new artists I've discovered lately, and following her excellent debut EP, here's her latest single, "House of Dreams". Infectious beats and catchy melodic hooks galore!

Tales & Remedies - Taste Everything

Another Twitter discovery, Tales & Remedies are a French indie pop-folk group whose debut album The Words I Sing was released earlier this year. This particular song, "Taste Everything", was love at first listen so here it is now, featured on my blog as the next Song of the Week. For a more upbeat sample of their sound, check out their uplifting Camera Obscura-esque number "Precious Moment".

Unbuttoned - My Dealer

The Toronto-based electro-soul outfit Unbuttoned is one of the most exciting new bands I've discovered this year, and their song "My Dealer" has had me mashing the replay button like there's no tomorrow. Sounding a bit like what Moloko could sound like if they were still around in the 2010s, this tune is an excellent earworm that you should definitely check out!

Musique Le Pop - Mateo

This week we'll go all summer summer summer with the Norwegian electronica outfit Musique Le Pop's sun-kissed beach jam "Mateo". It's infectious, it's summery, it's all you need for your June days!

Lana Del Rey - Shades of Cool

Lana's back with a new album, called Ultraviolence. Here's the latest single from the LP, the marvelous "Shades of Cool". And to check out the accompanying music video, head over here.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Bring Us Together

The Danish retro-soul-poppers The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have got a new LP on the way. The album, a follow-up to their 2012 record Out of Frequency, is titled Bring Us Together and will be out this September. Today the group shared its title track on YouTube - check out the summery tune below!

The Dø - Keep Your Lips Sealed

The French/Finnish indie folk rockers The Dø are back with a powerful new single titled "Keep Your Lips Sealed", presumably the lead single from their forthcoming third album. It's a melancholic tune that features military-like drums and fateful-sounding brass arrangements. Structurally speaking, it's hardly their most progressive number to date but I love it anyway - do give it a spin!


Róisín Murphy - In Sintesi

The Songs of the Week tend to be sung in English, as does most of the stuff featured in my blog. This time, however, we're going Italian with Róisín Murphy's excellent "In Sintesi", taken from her new EP Mi Senti.

A-M - Rainy Day

Every once in a while I make great discoveries when artists approach my blog and here's one of them: A-M's "Rainy Day" is some quality Finnish melancholy set to a gloomy indie/alt-rock backdrop.

Softengine - Something Better

It's the Eurovision week at the time of writing and in order to celebrate the contest, this time the Song of the Week is the Finnish entry, the indie rock anthem 'Something Better' by Softengine.

Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again

Having previously collaborated on "The Girl And The Robot" and "None of Dem", the three teamed up again for a "mini album" called Do It Again. Thank heavens for that!

Basement Jaxx - Mermaid of Salinas

"Give my your shimmy shimmy!" The B-side to "What A Difference Your Love Makes" has completely grown on me and why should it not - Basement Jaxx's experimenting with latin influences rarely disappoints!

CC33 - Miracle Jackson

The Finnish experimentalists CC33 combine prog music with electronic music while keeping it mostly instrumental. Do check out!

Oh Land - 3 Chances

Danish ballerina-gone-indie-popper Oh Land shows that sometimes less is more with the beautiful "3 Chances" taken from her third album.

Jon Hopkins - We Disappear

British electronic wizard Jon Hopkins mixes everyday sounds with electronic instrumentals and uses this fusion of sound like a paintbrush to paint hypnotic urban soundscapes.

Bosnian Rainbows - Eli

Bosnian Rainbows' theatrical "Eli" is a post-punk-influenced number that was love at first listen for me. Just brilliant. 

The Jezabels - A Little Piece

And speaking of theatricality, here's the Australian indie rockers The Jezabels wight their gorgeous "A Little Piece".

Scandinavian Music Group - Pieniä Teräviä Timantteja

Scandinavian Music Group's "Pieniä Teräviä Timantteja" was actually the first example of Finnish music featured in the blog, and even though I'm a Finn myself, it took more than half a year. It's sung in Finnish but don't let language barriers hinder the experience, it's a stunning song nevertheless.

Danielle Oliver - Adrienne

Danielle Oliver is a discovery I actually made on Twitter. Her debut EP can currently be downloaded over here for free, but you can leave an optional tip while downloading it. Which I'm sure will be highly appreciated.

Fallulah - Bridges

If you like Marina and the Diamonds, you're going to love "Bridges" by Danish singer-songwriter Fallulah. It's a three-and-a-half minute piece of bouncy, playful indie pop.

Jeannie feat. Artymove - No Option

Artymove is an excellent Swedish electropop band you've probably seen being featured in the blog before, and here's their excellent glitch-pop collaboration with Tokyo-based producer Jeannie.

Rhino House Band - James' Song

I discovered Rhino House Band via Tumblr (long live social media!) when they only had two songs out. Afterwards they released a debut EP titled Golden Summer and sent me a message about it, and while the whole EP is great, "James' Song" is a particular favourite of mine. Such a wonderful indie rock song.

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