Wednesday, 8 January 2014

You can now follow Popheaval on Twitter, too!

Yay, my conquest of social media is proceeding! (Slowly but surely.) Now you can follow the blog on Twitter as well - how lovely is that? So if you're there already, you can get updates about new blog posts directly to your Twitter feed. Convenient, innit!

Every day certainly brings something new. Last year, this day (also his birthday) marked the announcement of David Bowie's brilliant comeback album The Next Day. (I'm still on holiday but there's going to be a review of it sooner or later. Stay tuned.) And here's one for the 67-year-old legend and for many more years to come! It's the title track of the album and it comes with a peculiar music video that plays with a lot of religious imagery. Apparently it stirred quite a lot of controversy initially, even getting banned only two hours after its release. Then, when it was brought back, it came with an age restriction. Much ado about nothing as far as I'm concerned but well, you've been warned. Anyway, happy birthday Mr. Bowie and remember to follow the blog's Twitter page!

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