Thursday, 30 January 2014

London: The recap

So, I went to London for my birthday. The city's famous for its fantastic music scene, so when you're there, you'd expect to see all these kinds of events and bands and what have you. And indeed there were things I wanted to go to check out! First, the Swedish indie pop duo I Break Horses was on tour and had a gig in London. Unfortunately for me, the tickets were sold out. Then there was the X-Posure Live All-Dayer at The Barfly which had a really interesting line-up with lots of up-and-coming artists (including Ásgeir, the Icelandic indie folk sensation I really wanted to see) but guess what - sold out. Just my luck.

I wanted to see at least something so I looked up a bunch of live events at random bars and venues with local acts performing acoustic etc. Then I met some great people with whom I went out partying so I ended up being too hungover to go anywhere after all. I was also supposed to look up all these cool underground record stores where I could buy all these rare vinyls I have been hunting for but once again, hungover. Gosh. Well, at least I did find a lovely Siouxsie tee in Camden Town.

I did have a most amazing time other than that. And in the end, I didn't have to leave the city empty-handed what it comes to music, either: I got my hands on a guide to London's music scene, and it features a bunch of brief introductions of rising artists to look out for. So that should give me a lot of inspiration for things to write about! And on the other hand, at least now I know to be a bit more prepared for my next London trip, whenever that'll be... it might be worth getting the tickets in advance next time!

Anyway, here's "Winter Beats" by the wonderful I Break Horses who I was supposed to see. Their electronic dreaminess reminds me slightly of that of Porcelain Raft so if you like his music, do check out this one as well.

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