Friday, 24 January 2014

Happy birthday to... me!

That's right - I'm celebrating my birthday today! That's why I actually came to London in the first place, it being one of my favourite places in the world. And while I came here alone, I've already had one birthday present given to me: my friends at the morning radio show Wirtanappi (in the Finnish Tampere-based university radio station Moreeni) played me one of my absolutely favourite songs to start off my day with. All you Finnish-speaking readers (and those who don't mind hearing a bit of Finnish amidst great music), do check them out! Unfortunately, the show cannot be podcasted, but while the radio station is indeed a local one, it can be listened to online regardless of where you are. Isn't the internet just fantastic? (You can also find Wirtanappi on Twitter and Facebook.)

What was the song in question, you ask? Well, it was "Another Planet" by The Creatures, from their 1999 album Anima Animus. In a few weeks' time, there will be a proper Siouxsie Sunday review of the album (as The Creatures were a side-project of Siouxsie and fellow Banshee/then-husband/percussionist virtuoso Budgie) so we'll get a closer look then. Meanwhile, enjoy the song below:

Ah, magnificent isn't it.

But wait, there's more! As a present to you, dear readers, I've compiled a new playlist for you to listen to. It was partially inspired by the Nordic Playlist project I previously wrote about, and features some of my favourite gems of Nordic indie pop music, discovered both through the weekly Nordic Playlists and elsewhere. I'll keep it updated from time to time so remember to follow. Enjoy!

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