Friday, 11 October 2013

Popheaval's off to a vacation

Yeahhhh. I'm having an autumn break next week so I'm making the most of it and doing a bit of travelling now that there's plenty of time. I'm heading off to Copenhagen, then going around Southern Sweden. Unfortunately for the readers that means there'll be no updates in a while. So no, no matter how repeatedly you mash the refresh button, there will be no new postings magically appearing before the next weekend or so. There is, however, starting to be quite an archive by now so there's probably lot's of stuff you haven't read yet if you're interested.

Sweden, the destination of my trip, is renown for a variety of things, one of them obviously being Ikea. On the other hand, the Nordic countries are pretty famous for their black metal scene (no, I know absolutely nothing about it). In both cases the naming (be it band names or dining tables) can sometimes be rather vague, and confusion ensues. Of course, you're not very likely to find a coffee table named 'Diabolical Masquerade' in Ikea but what about Boholmen? Or Nortt? Or Skogaby? What are they? Not so easy anymore, is it. Well, I found a funny little quiz you can try while I'm gone - its name is promisingly 'IKEA or Death'. You try to guess 20 different names, whether they're pieces of furniture or groups of people screaming on stage while dressed up in peculiar clothes and heaps of face paint. I scored 15/20 so that's the score to beat - how many do you think you'll get right?

But of course I'm not going to leave you empty-handed or even with some viking metal since this ought to be an indie-oriented blog, right? So here's four minutes of quality Swedish indie pop instead. Artymove, a lovely little band I saw opening for Dragonette last December, makes some excellent electronic music so without further ado, here's "One Of These Days". Have a great weekend!

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