Monday, 28 October 2013


Phew. Today the whole country of Denmark (and the rest of Northern Europe) has been torn apart by the hurricane-force storm that has been called the worst storm in this country in a decade. Trees have been ripped up by the vicious winds and people have lost electricity and internet connections (the latter happened to me as well, so now I'm writing this post with my mobile internet. Being the faithful and dedicated blogger that I am.) Quite some madness. Apparently, the very same storm has caused massive damage - including losses of human lives - in England where more than 200,000 homes have been left without power. In France, the same number is around 75,000. What a hefty storm.

Anyway, the whole incident with hurricane-force winds and all the trees being torn down and ripped up does remind me of a certain song that has consequently been my earworm du jour. That would obviously be the title track of Grace Jones's 2008 album Hurricane. (Have you already read my review of it?) And how on earth would it not come to mind, with lyrics such as "And I'll be a hurricane! / Ripping up trees / Ripping up, lifting up / Tearing down trees". So if you feel like soundtracking your very own storm experience (provided that you still have your connections up and running), look no further. Take care and stay safe!

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